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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Michael Musto as Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe

Columnist "covers" the "cover"

Back on 2-18, I reported on Lindsay Lohan's cover of Marilyn Monroe's las t photo shoot. Not to be outdone, Michael Musto of The Village Voice has created his own rendition:

Musto muses:

But enough about them. I've long lived quite dangerously myself, and so, anxious to share my desperate man-tits with an audience beyond Chelsea, I gleefully agreed to star in an homage to an homage: Musto as Lohan as Marilyn. That's three generations of loveliness, and I prepared for it by not shaving or waxing a thing, just letting it all hang in the wind as both a nod to history and a means of reclaiming control. Just like with Marilyn and Lindsay, people have always grabbed at me, wanting a piece of my piece and a slice of my soul, but usually with more pepperoni and less cheese. Well, this time, I was seizing the power back by saying: "My bits are only mine to give. Now here they are, world. Take it all!"

This wasn't my first shot at seizing the power back, Marilyn-style. Way back in 1992, I spoofed Madonna's Sex book, standing naked in a freezing Jersey street with nothing but a wig and a cig to distract from my painfully tucked penis. I almost ended up in jail when two cops pulled up to chide me for public indecency, but photographer Catherine McGann showed them a copy of Sex and that calmed them right down. (Ah, the power of superstar gonads. Next time a policeman tries to Taser you for some heinous crime, just hold up Madonna's crotch.) We quickly finished the shot, and then I ran back into the car, pulled my nuts back out, and invoked Madge by declaring, "I am not ashamed," then quietly added: "But I should be!"

Click HERE to view the rest of his shoot if you dare. . .

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Blogger betmo said...

oh my. marilyn has the best bod out of the three- that's for sure. lindsay only has boobs. the rest of her is flat- and kind of squarish. no curves.

title="comment permalink">March 08, 2008 7:26 PM  

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