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Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Nite Retro

Welcome once more to the den of obscurity that I like to call "Friday Nite Retro"! I'm going to have to start numbering these things, I think this is about #75. . .tonight we journey back to the early 1980's, when the second British invasion occurred and they still played music videos on MTV 24/7 instead of that shit that they do now and, HEY, get off of my lawn!! Damned kids. . .

Anyhoo, back in the day, there were some lads who crossed the pond and took America by storm for a few years. I recall playing their albums over and over - they were a personal favorite of mine. They formed in 1980 and went by the moniker of The Fixx. . .the group was formed by college friends Cy Curnin (vocals) and Adam Woods (drums), who placed an ad for additional members. Jamie West-Oram (guitar), Rupert Greenall (keyboards) and Charlie Barret (bass) joined the band as a result. This first song, from 1982, is my all-time favorite Fixx tune:

Shuttered Room

Stand or Fall

Red Skies at Night

Saved by Zero

Charlie Barret left just after the recording of the first album and was replaced by Alfie Agius. Agius' stint in the band was short-lived as well; he left in the middle of sessions for the following album. His bass work is featured on the album's two hit singles "Saved By Zero" and "One Thing Leads to Another" though. The bass spot was then filled by Dan K. Brown, who remained with the band until 1994.

Reach the Beach

One Thing Leads to Another

Streets of Fire Soundtrack

Despite significant rock and pop radio play, "Streets of Fire" soundtrack inexplicably denied the single release for "Deeper and Deeper". A longer version, now accepted as the definitive version, wound up on the B-side of "Are We Ourselves?".

Deeper and Deeper


Are We Ourselves


Secret Separation


How Much is Enough (1991)

I hope you got your Fixx tonight. . .but, if not, drop by and visit the band's official website.

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