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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Know Your Candidates

Courtesy of The Onion

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Reason For Presidential Bid:
Left some stuff at White House

Husband secretly let her run country from 1997-1999

Favorite Food:
Wheat slurry injected directly into her stomach

Signature Issue:
Becoming President of the United States

Murder Convictions:

Make-up Secrets:

Reproductive Process:
Squirts thousands of egg sacs into host intestine, then fertilizes them herself

Key Issues

  • Health Care
    "I am the only candidate who can claim experience on the issue of health care: an experience of glaring, humiliating failure dating back more than a decade."
  • Iraq War
    "I would never have voted for the war had we known it would become unpopular."
  • Abortion
    Has enforced at least two on Bill Clinton's other partners.
  • Immigration
    "I voted for the border fence because I believe in order to solve our immigration crisis we must first show immigrants how unwelcoming, hateful, and xenophobic America is."
  • Economy
    "We need to create new jobs in this country—green collar jobs that can help our economy and our environment. And I'd like to point out that that's my term—'green collar' jobs. See, I can come up with exciting phrases."
  • Climate
    Will double education spending so that our children will be ready to deal with the problem once it gets really bad.
  • Pakistaniran
    Voted to require 15 minutes' extra diplomacy before launching airstrikes.

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