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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Small states don't matter"

Via TPM:

Barack Obama's likely delegate take from Mississippi appears to be a +5 edge — while he won the popular vote by 24 points, Hillary Clinton's narrow win in the First Congressional District will apparently keep the delegate margin at 19-14.

But here's something to put it in perspective: Between the Mississippi and Wyoming results alone, Obama will have just about undone Hillary's small delegate gains from March 4 "big states" of Ohio and Texas (Obama actually WON Texas- check the delegate count).

Here are the latest delegate estimates from various news organization, including super-delegates unless otherwise noted:

CNN: Obama 1,608, Clinton 1,478
CNN: Obama 1,402, Clinton 1,240 (Not counting supers)

NBC: Obama 1,610, Clinton 1,496
NBC: Obama 1,394, Clinton 1,242 (Not counting supers)

ABC: Obama 1,600, Clinton 1,484

CBS: Obama 1,591, Clinton 1,471

WaPo: Obama 1,596, Clinton 1,484
WaPo: Obama 1,385, Clinton 1,237 (Not counting supers)

NYT: Obama 1,510.5, Clinton 1,403
NYT: Obama 1,348, Clinton 1,210.5 (Not counting supers)

AP: Obama 1,596, Clinton 1,484
AP: Obama 1,385, Clinton 1,237 (Not counting supers)

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