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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Moving the Goalposts

Keith Olbermann offered another long diatribe against the Clinton campaign last night. He recited an exhaustive list of statements from Clinton and her supporters about which states should count, and why.

Watch the goal posts move, state by state:

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Blogger Dusty said...

Terry McAuliffe already makes me sick to my stomach.

MSNBC just called NC for Obama less than two minutes after their polls closed..but at what margin ya fools?

Billary is looking awful strong in IN so far :(

title="comment permalink">May 06, 2008 7:35 PM  
Blogger John Good said...

Dusty - Nah. . .wait for the counties in the northwest to come in. That'll tighten it up considerably. I share your distaste for McAuliffe.

title="comment permalink">May 06, 2008 7:44 PM  
Blogger Damian said...

It's disgusting how they keep redefining what victory means. Now, who do we know who likes to redefine victory?

title="comment permalink">May 07, 2008 12:10 AM  

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