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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

50% Turnout expected in Allen County

From The Journal Gazette:

Statewide, more than 167,000 votes were cast before election day. That number counts people voting in person, by mail or traveling abroad.

In Allen County, nearly 10,000 people asked to vote early. Of the Allen County ballots requested, 7,718 were Democratic, and 2,133 were Republican, according to statewide voter information.

That level of early voting far exceeds what the state has experienced in any primary since 2004 – when the early voting law took effect. Previously, the 2006 primary saw the highest level of early voting in a primary, but this year’s totals exceed that by more than 100,000.

Previous primaries have averaged turnout of 33 percent. Other states, like Ohio, had about a third of voters show up, but individual counties varied. Polling locations will be staffed and stocked to handle turnout of 50 percent.

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Blogger enigma4ever said...

wow....Many Good thoughts your way and all of Indiana today...

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