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Monday, May 05, 2008

Indiana! North Carolina! Pay Attention!!

One Man's Quest To Save $100 From The "Gas Tax Holiday"

From Jason Linkins:

Despite the best efforts of Senators John McCain and Hillary Clinton, Americans seem to be highly resistant to the boondogglicious "gas tax holiday" policy each camp is proposing, correctly identifying the idea as one specifically retrofitted to play ordinary, working-class Americans for rubes. Still, it can be helpful to know exactly what life would be like, were we to take this insane step and have a "gas tax holiday." So I went on out to the the Gas Tax Holiday Calculator, to find out for myself.

According to the American Road and Transportation Builders Association, whose "primary goal is to aggressively grow and protect transportation infrastructure investment to meet the public and business demand for safe and efficient travel," the "gas tax holiday" would cost the Federal highway system nearly $9 billion in lost revenues. Additionally, for many Americans, the "gas tax holiday" would result in the sort of vacation that many dread - unemployment. Over three hundred thousand jobs would be lost over the course of the next 3-4 years if the "gas tax holiday" were enacted.

That includes 6,390 jobs in Indiana and 7,071 in North Carolina. Why do I specifically mention those states? Oh, no reason!

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