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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Obama Rallied the Fort

I was unfortunately unable to attend yesterday's visit by Senator Obama, but I've gotten a great feel for what I missed from everyone else's reports. There appears to have been far greater coverage from the old media as well as the area blogs than what was the case for Mrs.Clinton's recent appearance. In this morning's Journal Gazette, Kelly Soderlund noted what I thought was one of the most interesting facets of his visit. . .the obvious contrast between yesterday's rally and Senator Clinton's visit one week ago:

When Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., entered the gym, the crowd of 2,800 people yelled and screamed and clapped so loud that the sound ricocheted off the four walls. Audience members lifted their cameras and cell phones to take pictures of the presidential hopeful as he took the stage to talk about the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., gun control, education and the economy.

“He just brings so much life to everything,” said Gertha Jordan, 74, a retired Fort Wayne resident. “I’m just happy to have him running. He just seems like he’s full of hope and everything.”

It was a noted contrast to the event that his opponent, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., held at a small Fort Wayne restaurant a week before. Clinton spoke to a group of 100 people in the tight quarters after she briefly addressed hundreds of people waiting in the restaurant parking lot, but the energy for Obama was a lot different. Obama’s crowd was louder, more enthusiastic, larger and more diverse than the Clinton group.

As has been the case in every other location, people who were on the fence as well as independents and Republicans were swayed to his side after experiencing him first hand. Indeed, as we have witnessed in Pennsylvania, the greater the time that Obama has to meet and greet the voters, the larger his margings become. Indiana's primary is still four weeks away. . .

Rally Video courtesy of Robert Rouse:

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Blogger Human said...

"tight quarters"? Heck, they were caged in. Funny how the MSM says, "The Clintons are opting for smaller venues". Yeah opting. Just like we opted to eat left overs tonight.

How many times have one heard from another Democrat/Liberal/Progressive or even themselves say, "what we need is an overwhelming victory". Or, "if we just had a Leader who would galvanize the masses", or something to that effect?
Of course what follows when a true Leader does come is the "Messiah" mantle followed by words like "Occult". It's sad so many people who call themselves Progressives are bent on destroying the biggest chance we have of advancing our Agenda in Decades.

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