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Thursday, April 03, 2008

The New Sheriff

A GREAT read from Robert Rouse at Left of Centrist:

"In country after country, foreign citizens are looking hopefully at the possibility of an Obama presidency. For too many years, they’ve looked at the cowboy policy of George W. Bush and his take no prisoners attitude. After all, that’s the way many foreigners look at this country. We’re all a bunch of cowboys still living in the old west. What we need to do is give them a good guy cowboy. The man in the white hat, a Roy Rogers type, perhaps a new Lone Ranger. Someone who seeks to do the right thing, but in a way that is both fair and justified. If the white hat fits - we must admit - that Obama is that man."

Click HERE to read the rest of Robert's post. And excuse me for my immediate reaction: Blazing Saddles 2008! I guess the role of Hedley Lamar goes to Dick Cheney, and "W" gets to be the good governor. . .;)

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