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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

2nd Ft.Wayne Mayoral Debate

My observations:

Opening Statements -

Tom Henry, although still nervous on camera, was much more focused - in his opening comments he addressed this issue, comparing his speaking style to "watching paint dry" and offering up substance rather than style.

Matt Kelty attempted to blame property tax increases on local government. He then apologized for not recognizing his wife earlier.

Job Qualifications -

Tom Henry refused to attack Kelty, and claimed that Kelty would be a good mayor. Kelty returned the favor by praising Tom. In rebuttal, Tom got laughs by professing that "Matt would be a GOOD mayor, but he would be a GREAT mayor if he made ME deputy mayor". They then shook hands on that offer.

Kelty's Indictments -

Kelty professed his innocence (SHOCKING!), and Henry stated that Kelty was innocent until PROVEN guilty.

Harrison Square -

Tom reported on entrepreneurs who are flocking to inquire about investing in the project; including coffee shops, retail, and even a pharmacy downtown.

Matt derided government role in downtown revitalization and declared HS as landlocked.

Tom rebutted with the financial investment in HS by the private sector, and described other local public/private partnerships around it.

Riverfront Development -

Kelty complained alot, but provided no details or solid plans.

Henry explained how the feds dumped the cost of cleanup on us, explained why our rivers appear the way they do, and offered up plans to tie in riverfront development with the rivergreenways.

Local Employment -

Henry talked about holding a summit between local schools and businesses.

Kelty claimed that HS would only transfer jobs for hot-dog vendors from Coliseum Blvd to downtown.

What 20th century leader would you most like to emulate? -

Kelty cited, in order, the pope, JFK, and Ronald Reagan.

Henry cited JFK & RFK, followed by his father. He then described his father's long involvement in local social and political issues.

City Services -

Henry cited the improvements made under Graham Richard's watch, and promised to continue to improve upon those efforts.

Kelty claimed that those city services should be outsourced to the private sector.

Southeast Fort Wayne -

Henry cited the improvements made under Graham Richard's watch. Southtown Centre, Safety Academy, etc.

Kelty blew off the geographics, claiming that SE residents were undeserving of local government assistance due to their poor work ethic.

Henry rebutted and defended SE residents; vowed to be their voice.

In closing -

Tom Henry compared this election to a job interview, and asked for us to employ him; citing his record of local activism.

Matt Kelty ran on and on about the private sector replacing local government.

Overall - Tom Henry was MUCH more on his game tonight. He's not the best public speaker; but tonight he started out by highlighting that fact and poking fun at it. He then continued on to do an impressive job, despite that handicap. He offered up exactly what he promised at the start of this debate: substance over style, while also getting several laughs at his own expense.

Matt Kelty rambled on, in the same manner as last week's face-off. Nothing new to offer: Government BAD, private sector GOOD. In his closing comments he laid claim to Ronnie Ray-gun's "shining city on the hill" statement, claiming that it was directed at the Summit City.

Matt, that comment MAY have been directed at our fair city; Ronnie DID visit us during one of our worst moments, and under the watch of one of our best mayors, Win Moses. YOU are no Win Moses. . .

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Blogger Parson said...

"What 20th century leader would you most like to emulate? -
Kelty cited, in order, the pope, JFK, and Ronald Reagan.

Please make the bad man go away! I know it's Halloween, but that is just too scary.

title="comment permalink">October 30, 2007 10:02 PM  
Blogger Stan Matuska said...

I didn't get to watch the entire debate, so I was glad to see your post. I guess I could go to WANE TV.com or something like that to see the entire debate, but I don't have time for that. Your summarizations are right on track with my observations. What is it with Democrats during debates that they appear more nervous than the Republicans? Remember Dr. Hayhurst during his debate(s)? My only guess is that if you are really sincere in what you are doing, and want to do the best job you can, that you get nervous. If you are just biding your time, then you have nothing to be nervous about.

Go Tom!

title="comment permalink">October 30, 2007 11:45 PM  
Blogger Dan Klug said...

its refreshing to see no mudd slinging, these two are good sports. even though kelty sounds a bit on the whiney side.

title="comment permalink">October 31, 2007 10:12 PM  
Blogger de_tokeville said...

Kelty has a somewhat mesmerizing presence but he comes off as a smooth-talking phony. Henry comes across as the kind of guy you'd want as your neighbor. His magnanimity to Kelty shows him to be a true gentleman. So I refuse to believe Henry's stage presence is any sort of liability. It's his best asset, IMHO, because it makes him appear genuine and sympathetic in stark contrast to someone who is neither of those things.

As slick as Kelty is, it's no wonder he has such a devoted following. But you can only fool some of the people some of the time, and the polls certainly back that up.

title="comment permalink">November 01, 2007 9:43 PM  

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