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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hayhurst/Souder PBS-39 Debate

I just finished watching the Channel 39 debate between our two candidates for 3rd District Congress. My thoughts are that Souder was more nervous than in the last debate. Hayhurst seemed a bit nervous as well, but stayed more focused and "on message" with his remarks. This was an entirely different forum from he IPFW debate we recently saw; it was a more relaxed atmosphere, and both men had plenty of time to express their views. My final impression was of Mark Souder bragging about his party cutting the deficit in half recently. . .HUH? I must have missed this little bit of news. I seem to recall a budget surplus, courtesy of Mr.Clinton and Mr.Gore, when these asshats took over full control of our nation some sad, long six years ago (By theft, no less).

On a side note, just yesterday the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel released a rather glowing report from their recent poll which claimed that the 400 people they surveyed in the 3rd District believe that George Bush and Mitch Daniels are doing a GREAT JOB and America is ON THE RIGHT COURSE. Further proof that either that poll was VERY wrong or I am on the wrong meds!! Daniels holds the 49th most popular governor position in the latest rankings, and Bush is mired in the low-to-mid 30's percentile.

Those are MY thoughts; here are those of an older and wiser man than I:

"On Wednesday at 8:00 Mark Souder and Tom Hayhurst had
a discussion-debate on Public Television, Ch. 39. It
was a MUCH better debate that the one on channel 15.
There was more time for the candidates to speak and
they were more relaxed and both did a good job of
expressing themselves. Mark Souder was a little jumpy,
but did a good job. Tom Hayhurst was at his best. Lots
of half truths by Souder and interest in cooperation
by Hayhurst. Hayhurst "plays well with others." ((you
have to have read other stuff on my site to apperciate
that)) Good debate/discussion and it reinforced my
vote for Tom Hayhurst. Tom Hayhurst impressed me by
his willingness to vote his beliefs and not his party.
Souder kept "labeling" and Hayhurst spoke to issues.
Hayhurst has a plan for affordable health care that
just might work. Why did they waste time on Gay
issues. Let it go. Mark, get over your fear of Nancy
Poloski. This was one of the best debates/discussions
I have heard. Thank you channel 39. The program was
sponsored by our own personal donations to Public
Television, and those of thousands of others who care
about this public service. I will check to see if
there is a way to watch this show on your computer.
Both candidates were at their best. Tom Hayhurst was
the better. Souder was awkward with the gay issue. *
* I should note that I work with with families with
gay or lesbian children for understanding and
acceptance. It is a "family values" thing. Families
with gay or lesbian children should love, cherish and
appreciate their children. It makes life so much

In a campaign where the NRCC places an automated phone call to the local Democratic Party Chair, how can you not smell success for our good doctor?

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Blogger Human said...

Yeah, that poll sure sounds skewed. It is good the voters had a last chance to hear the candidates.


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