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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wingnut Lawyer Gets Served

Meet Gabriel Schwartz, 29, of Denver Colorado. His hobbies include: practicing law, lowering taxes for the wealthy, bombing the shit out of countries filled with brown people, and picking up thieves posing as sexy women interested in sleazeballs. Yes, ladies, he IS single and available! Although possibly a bit more cautious with his dating these days. I DID report on the prevalence of prostitution at GOP conventions earlier this year - but this enterprising young lass completely skipped the actual sex part of the transaction. Schwartz, who's been described as "a fixture in Colorado Republican politics" gave the following interview during the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis.

Apparently that was before he picked up a "date" for the evening and invited her up to his hotel room for some after hours entertainment. Once there, the woman fixed the drinks and told him to get undressed. And that was the last thing he remembered from is romantic encounter. He later awoke to find that he had been robbed of over $120,000 in money, jewelry and other belongings.

I love a happy ending!

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