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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Unified Democrats on the Attack

As it was in '92 - It's the economy, stupid!

Democrats launched a coordinated attack today over the economy, painting the current administration as the worst since Herbert Hoover and declaring that John McCain represents a steady continuation of those failed policies:

"One Senator -- John McCain -- woke up yesterday morning, surveyed the state of the U.S. economy, summoned the ghost of his fellow Republican, Herbert Hoover, and declared, 'The fundamentals of our economy are strong,'".

Harry Reid

"Since President Bush has been in office, median income for working-aged Americans has gone down by over $2,000 after adjusting for inflation. Family income is going down. People are spending more for food," said Sen. Bernie Sanders. "The cost of gas, of course, is now off the wall. College education costs are up. How does that sound like a situation in which 'the fundamentals of our economy are strong,' according to Senator McCain? And the confusion in all of this is pretty easily understood. The truth is," Sanders continued, "that the fundamentals of our economy are strong if you are within the top 1 percent of our country. If you're a million or billionaire, you know what, Senator McCain is right. For those people, the fundamentals of the economy are strong."

Bernie Sanders

"Under the Bush administration over the last seven years, families' pockets have been picked at the grocery store, the gas pump, and each time they make their home energy, healthcare, and mortgage payments," said Sen. Chuck Schumer. "The Bush administration has presided over an unprecedented middle class economic squeeze -- household living expenses have more than doubled, while incomes have actually shrunk."

DNC Web Ad

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