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Monday, September 15, 2008

John Good Criticizes Carly Fiorina as "Out of touch. . .lacking a sense of humor"

I just read that McCain spokeswoman Carly Fiorina blew a fuse over Tina Fey's portrayal of Sarah Palin on this weekend's debut of Saturday Night Live:

MITCHELL: You are the first person from the McCain campaign I can ask, what did you think of Tina Fey as Sarah Palin?

FIORINA: Well, I think that she looked a bit like her. I think that, of course, the portrait was very dismissive of the substance of Sarah Palin, and so in that sense, they were defining Hillary Clinton as very substantive, and Sarah Palin as totally superficial. I think that continues the line of argument that is disrespectful in the extreme, and yes, I would say, sexist in the sense that just because Sarah Palin has different views than Hillary Clinton does not mean that she lacks substance. She has a lot of substance.

Yep, Carly, Sarah has lots of substance. She demonstrated that in that softball, staged interview with Charlie Gibson last week. For the record, SNL is a COMEDY show. . .they do SATIRE. If that word's too big for you, Carly, it means that they make fun of real life. Which was kinda confusing in this case, as their view seemed more like reality than humor. Get a clue, and perhaps a sense of humor while your already out.

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