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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Mittens Quittens

Good Riddance!

John McCain effectively sealed the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday as chief rival Mitt Romney suspended his faltering presidential campaign. "I must now stand aside, for our party and our country," Romney told conservatives.

"If I fight on in my campaign, all the way to the convention, I would forestall the launch of a national campaign and make it more likely that Senator Clinton or Obama would win. And in this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign, be a part of aiding a surrender to terror," Romney told the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington.

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Blogger Stan Matuska said...

Surprise, surprise, surprise! Well, I disagree with most of what he said, but I do believe that Romney wouldn't have won the nomination even if he had stayed in the race. You mean Senator McCain is the best the Republican party can do??? Goooooly, Surprise, surprise, surprise.

title="comment permalink">February 07, 2008 11:12 PM  
Blogger Hill said...

So this obviously frees his 5 sons up to IMMEDIATELY join the Military, yes?

I think it's only fair since they're not "serving their country" by working in their Papa's campaign....


title="comment permalink">February 08, 2008 6:03 AM  
Blogger John Good said...

Stan - Pathetic, isn't it?

Hill - HELL yeah! Send the boys to Iraq!

title="comment permalink">February 08, 2008 11:34 PM  

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