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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

General Hospital's "Nurse Amy" dies at 49

"I just can't cope. . .w/o my soap"!

Shell Kepler, who portrayed the gossipy nurse Amy Vining on the TV soap opera "General Hospital" from 1979-2002 has died at the age of 49. The actress died on Friday at the Oregon Health & Science University hospital, which provided no details as to the cause of her death.

Kepler's busybody character on "General Hospital" was a huge fan favorite during a 13 year run.

A Fan Tribute Video

In addition to her role on "General Hospital," Kepler also appeared in the 1982 Joan Collins film, "Homework," as well as some episodes of the situation comedy "Three's Company." In addition to her television successes, Kepler was a shrewd businesswoman who marketed her "Lacy Afternoon" collection on the Home Shopping Club to the tune of $20 million in sales.

Kepler was an Ohio native who's family moved to California when she was 10. She recalled in 1994 that she didn't yet have a driver's license when she began trying out for film roles.

"I managed to get my girlfriends to drive me to auditions because I wasn't old enough to drive. I was a rather ambitious kid," she said. She moved to Portland after her TV career and became involved in charity fundraising.

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