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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mellencamp Mutes McCain

"Little Pink Houses, but not for YOU"!

Whether he was lobbying for a John Mellencamp endorsement for his presidential bid or simply looking for a rousing, all-American song to rally his supporters, we will never know. Because, according to Rolling Stone, the popular heartland rocker has quietly asked Republican Sen. John McCain to stop playing "Our Country," "Pink Houses" or any other Mellencamp tune at his political events.

Mellencamp, a balladeer of middle class sufferance, is a Democrat and, until recently, a supporter of John Edwards' 2008 presidential campaign. In fact, Mellencamp even interrupted a performance of his song "Small Town" at an Iowa concert so that the former North Carolina Senator could let it be known to the crowd that he too came from a small town. The crowd had a mixed response, as you can imagine.

But this leaves McCain in a real bind. With his campaign gathering support and delegates, now comes the time for his staff to nail down a campaign song. And, during this stormy political season, Toby Keith is just not going to cut it. With patriotic artists like Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi and John Mellencamp off-limits to conservatives, where does he turn?

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