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Friday, February 29, 2008

Did Hillary plagiarize McCain's ad?

Spots are nearly identical:

Since tonight's running theme seems to be plagiarism, I just had to run with a story brought to me by Human of Carbon Paper - which he found on Daily Kos. I think that about covers the credits due! =) . . .Earlier this evening, I posted the "3 AM" ad by the Hillary Clinton campaign, as well as Obama's video response to it. Since then I have gained some new information. First, watch "3 AM" again:

The Clinton ad

Next, watch this video from the John McCain campaign, which was released back in January:


Hmmm. . .What say YOU? ? ?

And did McCain, in turn, borrow HIS ad idea from Fritz?

Or is this all just a popular theme for attacking a less experienced rival. . .

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