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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chris Stewart for Fourth District City Council

As a Fourth District resident and the editor of Left in Aboite, I am heartily endorsing Chris Stewart for City Council. Most of you are already aware of my support for Chris, and I was going to present you with a long list of my reasons for that support. But, as it turns out, most of my thoughts regarding the man have already been publicly expressed by people who carry far more clout than I ever will. So I decided to share their endorsements with you:

"Chris Stewart is truly passionate about Fort Wayne and the potential it has to offer. He brings energy, trust, vision, and honesty to the political arena. Having Chris on the city council will ensure our city moving forward."

—Tom Henry, Democratic Mayoral Candidate

“Chris Stewart is a bright, energetic, and motivated young man. He is a family man and a businessman who knows Fort Wayne. Chris will do a great job representing the citizens of the fourth district.”

—Dr. Tom Hayhurst, Fort Wayne City Council

"Chris Stewart will bring energy and independent thinking to City Council. He'll demand that city services are delivered in a timely and efficient manner without raising taxes."

—State Representative Phil GiaQuinta

"Chris Stewart's energy, work ethic, knowledge of business and commitment to our community will be a great addition to City Council. He will listen to the people of the 4th District and be their advocate."

—Karen Goldner, 2nd District City Council candidate

Chris is endorsed by the Indiana Licensed Beverage Association

"Chris will represent the residents and business owners of our community exceptionally well. I have known Chris since childhood, and I can't think of anyone I would trust more to lead this community in to the future. You won't find anyone more committed to making a difference."

—Kirk Ray, CEO, St. Joseph Hospital

"Chris, a life-long resident of Fort Wayne, chose this community in which to raise his family. He has made a substantial investment in this community by owning and operating his local businesses, Frickers Restaurant and ISM. As a city councilman, Chris will use his knowledge of the community and his business experience to help Fort Wayne grow and prosper."

—Robert Eherenman, local attorney

"Chris Stewart will bring a no-nonsense attitude to City Council. He is fair, honest and hard working. His business experience and family values will guide Chris's ability to make Fort Wayne a better place to work and live...and we need it!"

—Todd Stewart, President, One Resource Group

"Chris Stewart is the complete package for the position of City Councilman... business owner, father, husband, and local volunteer. It is refreshing to see someone involved in politics so passionate about issues!"

—Andrea S. Baumer, Co-Owner, One Resource Group

"I have been a business partner with Chris's company for the past five years. During that time, Chris has impressed me with his energy, vision and ability to own and manage a business outside of his regular job. Chris has a passion to be successful and better the communities that he and his restaurants are involved with."

—Eric Morman, Senior Vice President, First Federal Bank

“We have very much respected Chris Stewart and his visionary efforts since we met him years ago. In 2002, He was instrumental of putting together a partnership between the Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club and Fricker’s Restaurants at a time when many others in the community had doubts about the future success of the new downtown ballpark. Chris’ foresight has helped as Fricker’s continues to be a proud sponsor, and the Toledo Mud Hens have re-energized downtown Toledo and have shattered our old attendance records, nearly getting 600,000 fans this past season, with the support of those like Chris and Fricker’s. Chris’ contagious enthusiastic attitude is the equivalent of shaking up a can of soda pop for a minute and then pulling open the tab!”

—Scott S. Jeffer, Asst. General Manager/Marketing, Advertising & Sales, Toledo Mud Hens Baseball Club, Inc.

"Chris Stewart is an energetic young businessman with a mature passion for the future of Fort Wayne."

—James W. Fisher, DDS, MSD, President and Founder, Endodontic Associates, Inc.

I am a business owner with Chris Stewart, and have been a working partner with him for over 16 years. I can attest to his character, his ethics, and his loyalty. An extremely dedicated, hard working individual, Chris would be a refreshing addition to government in Fort Wayne . I know of no one with more enthusiasm and energy for whatever the task or challenge. He is a very involved and dedicated family man who manages an extremely active business, and also oversees a well established restaurant in Toledo , Ohio , and another one in Fort Wayne.I would enjoy seeing his enthusiasm and common sense approach at work within the Fort Wayne City Council."

—Mike Keller, President, International Sales and Marketing

"My husband and I have known Chris Stewart for 15 years. He has proven
himself to be an astute professional businessman. Chris has a great
respect for his family and community. A person with integrity,
determination and dedication of such magnitude deserves our support."

—Tamara Braun, Realtor/Broker, Remax Results

The preceding endorsements from leaders in our community carry far more weight to myself and most other voters than the negative muckraking employed by "right wing attack white dogs". It would be very easy to go negative against the opponent in this campaign - there's lots of material to work with. And that's all I will say on that matter.

If you reside in the fourth district, I encourage you to learn more about Chris Stewart. Visit his website, e-mail him with your questions, or ask to meet with him personally. He's open and accessible, and willing to talk about whatever is on your mind.

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Blogger Angie said...

I would vote for Mr. Stewart if I were out your way. I'm throwing my support behind Goldner over here in the 2nd district. Hope they both win. How many days until the election? I think I need a valium...:)

title="comment permalink">October 26, 2007 1:28 AM  
Blogger John Good said...

I appreciate that, Angie! Chris and Karen are THE two hardest working candidates for council that I have ever seen!

title="comment permalink">October 29, 2007 7:32 PM  

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