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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blink and they're GONE!

What do the people in this photo have in common? I mean, other than the fact that they will all rot in hell for selling their very souls to service serve George Bush? All but Dana Perino (Second from left) finally came to the conclusion that they hitched their wagon to the absolute "wrongest" star of them all!

As of late, there is so much turnover in this White House that on one recent Friday there were four farewell parties or last-day exits. Bush poses for so many Oval Office photos with departing aides it feels like an assembly line. The long-term ideals that many of them came to the White House to pursue appear jeopardized, even discredited to many. They tell themselves that they have acted on principle, that the decisions they helped make will be vindicated. But they cannot be sure.

One former senior official said nearly everyone who has left the administration is angry in some way or another - at the president for making bad decisions, at his staff for misguiding him, at events that have spiraled out of control. Others called that an exaggeration. Either way, interviews with a dozen top aides who left in recent months reveal a profound sense of ambivalence about the ultimate outcome of their work beyond toppling Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

One cost has been friendship. Some people who were once close friends no longer talk to these Bush staffers.One former staffer added "The view is he was a nice guy, but he was taken over by the dark side, joined Rove world".

One who shares that view is journalist Joe Klein. "There are a number of us who were friendly with Peter H. Wehner back in the day who think he drank the Kool-Aid," Klein said. In May, Klein used his Time magazine blog to directly challenge a Wehner essay on politics and the war, chastising his onetime friend for ignoring "the lives lost and shattered" and the "vast damage" to U.S. standing done by the Iraq war. "I have two pieces of career advice," Klein wrote to Wehner. "Stop writing this swill and think about penance. Take some time to clear your head, a lot of time, and pay for your sins by emptying bedpans at Walter Reed."

Most of the above reporting came from a WaPo column by Peter Baker. It's an excellent piece on how the very individuals that sold their own souls to serve this puppet master have finally met the cost of their servitude to this sick, twisted president and his minions. I'm glad these people have finally seen the error of their ways, although I can only compare it to a blind man once more regaining his vision.

The question that *I* still have is: What about the people who are STILL blindly serving this train wreck? I think I'm with Klein on this one. . .that Kool Aid must be VERY potent indeed! I mean, Perino I can understand, as can anyone who has suffered through one of her long and torturous sessions with the press - she's an ignorant bimbo! But the rest of them? HOW FAR into the ground does this thing have to go before the rest of them see the light? Even KARL ROVE has left!! I cannot perceive any clearer message that it's time to GET OUT!

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