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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Findlay Flood - The Epic YouTube Film

A group of kids filmed their escape from the floodwaters in Findlay, Ohio. Here is their story:

Part I - The Escape

Part II - The Streets

Part III - Hope

Part IV - Bail Out

Part V - Trouble With the Transport

Part VI - Selfish Mr.Smith

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Blogger Mary Ellen said...

We had lots of fun yesterday where I live. A tornado touched down about a mile and a half from me, lightning struck the tree at the house across the street from me and when it went through the roots it ruptured the gas line (flames shooting up from underground-really scary looking!), and the street I live on flooded so badly about a block down from my house that the fire truck couldn't get through to check out the fire, he had to go around the block and come in another direction. And, of course, we also lost our electricity a few times. Lucky for us our house is on a small hill and we didn't have any flooding in the basement. If the electricity was out longer, we would have.

Todays prediction....more rain.

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