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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gran Torino Earns Eastwood Best Opening of Career

We saw this on Friday (opening day) and I highly recommend it! Apparently alot of other folks agree.

As reported by Jake Coyle :
Make my weekend. Clint Eastwood has had the best movie opening of his long and esteemed career. His "Gran Torino" revved up the winter box office with $29 million in ticket sales in its first weekend of wide release, according to studio estimates Sunday.

It's Eastwood's best opening ever, topping the $18 million his "Space Cowboys" made in 2000.

In what Eastwood, 78, has said may be his last starring performance, he plays a disgruntled war veteran who reluctantly comes to the aid of his neighbors.

The National Board of Review dubbed Eastwood's performance the best for an actor in 2008, and his song "Gran Torino" was nominated for a Golden Globe at Sunday's awards ceremony.

"Gran Torino," which Eastwood also directed, was previously in limited release for four weeks. It jumped from 84 theaters to 2,808 this weekend after boasting very high theater averages.

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