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Friday, December 05, 2008

It's Repeal Day

75th Anniversary of Prohibition's Repeal Reminds Us of
Indiana's Antiquated Alcohol Laws

Hoosiers for Beverage Choices commemorates on December 5th the 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition by sadly observing that little has changed since the days of Prohibition regarding Indiana’s antiquated alcoholic beverage laws.

On December 5, 1933 the 21st Amendment was ratified, repealing Prohibition in the United States. The Amendment ended the federal ban on alcohol and established today’s current system permitting the states set their own alcoholic beverage laws.

“Regretfully, 75 years after the repeal of Prohibition, Indiana remains the only state in the country that discriminates against drug, grocery and convenience stores by limiting the sale of cold beer to package liquor stores. Indiana is also one of only three states in the country that prohibits retailers from selling alcohol on Sunday yet allows restaurants, taverns and numerous sports and community events to sell alcohol by the drink,” said Grant Monahan, President of the Indiana Retail Council.

Nearly 15,000 Hoosiers from all of Indiana’s 92 counties have signed an online petition to Indiana legislators at www.beveragechoices.com to show support for cold beer sales and Sunday sales of alcoholic beverages in drug, grocery and convenience stores.

The statewide grassroots effort by Hoosiers for Beverage Choices (HBC) hopes to modernize Indiana’s outdated alcoholic beverage laws to reflect the needs of today’s time-starved shopper and bring convenience and price competition to the alcoholic beverage retail marketplace.

Indiana consumers deserve unparalleled choice, variety and competitive prices,” added Monahan. “On this day, the 75th anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition, we continue to work to eliminate Prohibition-era restrictions that limit Hoosier shoppers’ choices. We want to move Indiana’s alcohol laws into the 21st Century by promoting convenience, real choices and competitive prices while maintaining regulations and laws that prevent minors from purchasing alcohol”.

Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is a grassroots coalition of nearly 15,000 members who believe that Indiana’s alcohol laws are out dated and request sensible changes to our antiquated liquor laws. Hoosiers for Beverage Choices is comprised of Indiana retailers, their customers and the Indiana Retail Council, The Indiana Petroleum Council and The Indiana Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association.

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Blogger Parson said...

I read someplace a while back the big liquor store chains are against selling liquor on Sundays. I'm sure they are especially against allowing other stores to sell cold beer since that would be more competition.

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