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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Ultimate Robocall REVEALED

Here is the Most Authentically Robotic Robcall of the 2008 Election Cycle so far. Professing to be a call from the Republican Party of Wisconsin, it actually sounds like a Dalek from Doctor Who, broadcasting from some abandoned numbers station from Sevastopol, Ukraine, and then once you listen to it you die within seven days like that movie with the girl with the wet hair who crawled out of our teevees and killed us with her horribleness, who I think was named Ashley Todd. Anyway, give a listen to it here for about thirty seconds or until such time as you feel the need to puncture your eardrums with a white-hot crochet-hook.

Should you survive this encounter, the Obama campaign has released this video warning: be on your guard from further ROBOT INCURSIONS!

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