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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Empty Seats in Minneapolis

As I looked at the photos from today's Republican National Convention, something seemed out of place to me. There appeared to be something in these pictures that I hadn't seen in similar shots taken in Denver last week. It took me a few seconds, but then I nailed it - EMPTY SEATS. At our party in Denver, every seat was filled; every spot on the floor was taken as if The Who were performing in 1979; Thousands of people crowded the grounds outside even though they KNEW they couldn't get inside. Cue these sad, sad pics from Minnesota:

If you've ever had one of those "mother/daughter" sexual fantasies. . .this one will "bring you down" for several years. Urk!

Perhaps the empty seats belong to the delegates who were busy visiting the Larry Craig Memorial Shrine nearby:

Maybe they were engaged in extra-curricular activities, or focused on more important news of the moment.

Perhaps they were reading private e-mail, aka Bush Admin Style. Or maybe they were just checking out the local sports scores while enjoying a Heath bar:

Whatever they were doing, and to who, they left empty seats that several thousand Barack Obama supporters would have gladly filled if the same circumstances had occurred in Colorado last week.

Speculation has been that Palin may withdraw her nomination. Further speculation is that McGrampy may withdraw his as well; or have it taken away. Pictures are worth a thousand words. . .

And "W" gave another big hug kiss of death to John boy tonight.

Family values, my ass. Bend over and take it like "everything you preach against, yet secretly enjoy" you hypocrites. Just keep you stance inside your own stall; I'm busy crapping all over your parade in mine.

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