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Thursday, August 07, 2008

"John McCain ... Maverick No More" - The DNC response to "Praising John McCain"

The McCain campaign put out a web-ad this morning that featured past encomiums from several high-profile Democrats:

The DNC wasted no time assembling their response ... using the same Democrats as McCain's campaign. Their response piece is a skillful mimic of McCain's ad -- straight down to the loping, country slide guitar boogie rhythm on the soundtrack.

Sens. Joe Biden, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, former Sen. Tom Daschle, and DNC Chairman Howard Dean all offer up-to-date evaluations of McCain, summed up by the ad's first two titles: "John McCain ... Maverick No More."

But where McCain's ad used Hillary Clinton's praise as the coup de grace, Democrats are giving President George W. Bush the closing honors.After a title card reads "Let's Let President Bush Have The Final Say," the president proclaims:

"It's been my honor to welcome my friend John McCain as the nominee of the Republican Party. I wish you all the best. I'm proud to be your friend."


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