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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Poll debunks myth of Obama "white flight"

Recent Gallup polling shows that Senator Barack Obama has as much support among white voters now, in the primary season, as John Kerry had at the END of the general election in 2004.
Obama stacks up against McCain at this point at a level similar to the way in which Kerry performed against Bush in 2004 within several key racial, educational, religious, and gender subgroups. That is, the basic underlying structure of the general-election campaign this year does not appear to be markedly different from that of the 2004 election. This conclusion is based on an analysis of exit-poll data from 2004 compared to the Obama-McCain matchup in 4,000 Gallup Poll Daily tracking interviews conducted during the first five days of May.

In fact, the numbers above reflect a much tighter race across several demographics. Next?

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Blogger Blueberry said...

His support among white voters will go up as soon as Hillary quits playing the race issue.

title="comment permalink">May 12, 2008 10:30 AM  

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