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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saturday Night Live has found it's Fauxbama

Armisen has also portrayed Ahmadinejad and Prince:

Saturday Night Live has tapped regular cast member Fred Armisen to play its Obama , which he did with his brow furrowed the whole time, doing a nice rendering of Obama's from-30,000 feet speechifying and penchant for scribbling during debates.

The CNN debate spoof greedily hit on it all around the central conceit that the media was "totally in the tank" with Obama. Kristen Wiig was a smitten Campbell Brown, Jason Sudeikis a drooling John King, and Will Forte a dashingly handsome Jorge Ramos, whose question to Obama was "Are you comfortable? Can we get you anything?" while all three panelists ignored and insulted Amy Poehler's Clinton (by far the best example of that was when Wiig's Brown smacked down Clinton for interrupting the "randomly selected" audience questioner, Obama Girl. "I think you owe Obama Girl and .all the people of this nation an Obam-apology," she deadpanned.

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