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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Marching Storm of Democracy

Democracy is alive and well in Texas!

Texas Republicans have worked overtime to make it harder for key Democratic voting groups to vote and be represented fairly. The whole state was gerrymandered out the yin-yang (if you recall, back in 2003, statehouse Democrats were forced to flee to Oklahoma in a futile attempt to block the GOP's redistricting plan) back in 2003 - the redistricting games they’ve played are infamous. And for the Prairie View A&M University precincts, they put the early-polling place more than seven miles from the school.

The historically black university is home to about eight thousand students, who study in a range of fields - most notably engineering, nursing and agriculture - and they have a famous marching band called the Marching Storm (which, as you'll soon see, is pretty appropriate):

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