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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mayor ousted for My Space pics

THIS is scandal?

Carmen Kontur-Gronquist, now former mayor of Arlington, Oregon, has been removed from office for having racy photos of herself on her My Space page. In a Monday referendum, the residents of Arlington voted 142- 139 to remove her from office.

The photos, taken for a fitness contest that she had entered before becoming Mayor of Arlington, were not publicly available. (Apparently they were- see left) I don't see what the big deal is - you see more skin in prime time television than you do in this pic. . .

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Blogger Human said...

It's probably one of those little towns in the west that if you did not know where you were, one would think they were in the "Bible Belt".

One thing is for sure. She looks like she can bench over 200.

title="comment permalink">February 27, 2008 7:44 PM  
Blogger JM said...

The pictures were on her private MySpace page, for peat's sake! You see racier stuff in most advertising or on any beach. From what I've heard she had done a pretty good job of being mayor. Certainly not the first time that an ill-informed and non-enlightened electorate has worked against their own best interests.

title="comment permalink">February 27, 2008 8:58 PM  
Blogger Vic DeMize said...

It proves the old adage, "Left to their own devices, the people will get what they deserve."

title="comment permalink">February 27, 2008 10:47 PM  
Blogger John Good said...

I hope they get some fat old bastard with six chins for their new leader. ;)

title="comment permalink">February 28, 2008 9:15 PM  

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