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Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Nite Retro

Welcome once again to Friday Nite Retro, where every Friday night is like a box of Cracker Jack - no Cadillac at the bottom, but still a surprise every time! Tonight's featured performer needs no introduction, but stubborn that I am, you're getting one anyway! =)

You know him as the frontman and a founding member of Creedence Clearwater Revival, but most of John Fogerty's career has been as a solo artist. Although his hits over the years have been few and far between, they've always been great tunes. With the exception of throwing in two of my favorite CCR hits right at the beginning, I'm chooosing to focus on John's solo work from 1973 to present.

My CCR Top Two? Here we go:

Fortunate Son

Lookin' Out my Back Door

John Fogerty began his solo career under the name The Blue Ridge Rangers in 1973. Fogerty played all of the instruments which were covers of others' hits, such as "Jambalaya" (which was a Top 40 hit). His second solo album John Fogerty, released in 1975, yielded "Rockin' All Over the World", a top 40 hit for Fogerty, iand "amost Saturday Night".

Rockin' All Over The World

Almost Saturday Night

After a LONG dry spell, Fogerty's solo career re-emerged in full force with 1985's Centerfield, his first album for Warner Brothers Records. A lawsuit claimed that "The Old Man Down The Road" shared the same chorus as "Run Through The Jungle" (a song from Fogerty's days with Creedence, and for which Fantasy Records had owned the publishing rights). Fogerty ultimately won his case when he proved that the two songs were wholly distinct compositions.

The Old Man Down the Road

Rock and Roll Girls

Centerfield is frequently played on classic rock radio and at baseball games to this day.


Fogerty returned to the commercial music industry in 1997 with Blue Moon Swamp. The break between Zombie and Swamp had been longer lay-off than his late seventies-early eighties break. The Album was much more successful than his previous effort and won the Grammy for Best Rock album in 1997. A live album of the equally successful tour was released to similar acclaim and good sales.

John returned to his anti-war roots in late 2004, and recorded this protest against the war in Iraq, comparing it to Vietnam. Fogerty’s touring schedule increased in the period after Deja Vu (All Over Again). In October 2004 Fogerty appeared on the Vote for Change tour, playing a series of concerts in American swing states. These concerts were organized by MoveOn.org with the general goal of mobilizing people to vote for John Kerry and against George W. Bush in that year's presidential campaign. In an ironic musical twist, George W. Bush has stated that 'Centerfield' is his favorite song. Fogerty's numbers were played with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Deja Vu (All Over Again)

Fogerty completed his first new album in three years, Revival, which was released on October 2, 2007. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Album of 2008. On February 10th, he appeared with Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard on the Grammy Awards Show. Along with these rock icons and his regular touring band, he played "Comin' Down The Road," "Great Balls Of Fire," and "Good Golly Miss Molly." His new CD Revival was nominated for best rock album of the year, but lost to the Foo Fighters album.

Don't You Wish it was True

Check out John's official website!

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Blogger Vic DeMize said...

Incidentally, as a result of the copyright lawsuit you mentioned, Fogarty has the distinction of being the only artist ever sued for plagiarizing from himself

title="comment permalink">February 16, 2008 10:05 AM  
Blogger John Good said...

Vic - You are correct, sir!

title="comment permalink">February 16, 2008 11:20 PM  

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