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Monday, January 28, 2008

State of the Union Address

I (Stan Matuska) watched the State of the Union Address this evening, like many of you had done as well.

Several things came to mind about this address. First off, I felt a little sorry for Bush, as this was his last State of the Union Address. He actually sounded presidential most of the time! I'm like, wow, this guy could be president!

I'm not sure I understand the applauding protocol. I mean, sometimes only the Dem's applauded, and sometimes only the Repub's applauded, and sometimes they all applauded, but the Supreme Court Justice's never applaud. I don't think they're allowed to or something. There was also someone who looked like a court reporter or something that never applauded. Most of the time Pelosi waited for Cheney to stand up before she would; but towards the end, I noticed her take the lead, which forced Cheney to stand... and he didn't like that one bit.

And what's with all the stone faces? I mean, come on. People looked like they were at a funeral or something. There was one shot of someone with a wide mouth yawn during a period of applause, and I thought "well at least there's one person who's not afriad to be honest about their feelings".

I heard a lot of "we need to", but hardly any "here's how were going to". I was reminded of last year when someone counted how many times Pelosi blinked compared to Cheney. I started to watch her blink for a while, but that was just a little less interesting than the speech itself.

I have to say about our president, that he carries himself well, and looks presidential. I like that. I also think he actually believes everything he says. I know this because I have an ex wife who was the exact same way. I actually felt sorry for her because she wasn't deliberately naive, but came by it honestly.

I also became very aware that these were not Bush's written words he was reading. They couldn't have been. The words formed complete sentences and made sense, and also had words that would require a dictionary for the average person.

As far as the actual content, well, you can spray Glade all you want, but it'll never actually take the place of the shit you are trying to cover up.

As boring as Bush was, I couldn't believe how boring the Democratic Response was by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas. She was very monotonous and didn't really make much of the State of the Union Address itself. I must confess, I was hoping for something better than her response.

Oh well, I could see Obama with two of his fingers pressed firmly against his lips in the audience as if to say "You can have your say, Mr. Bush, but that podium will be mine this time next year".

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