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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Obama leading in N.H. Polls

The first post-Iowa poll, by Rasmussen, finds Obama jumping to a 10% lead over Hillary in New Hampshire, with Edwards trailing badly.

Barack Obama


Hillary Clinton


John Edwards


Bill Richardson


Dennis Kucinich


Mike Gravel


Now the American Research Group (ARG) poll, also post-Iowa, may confirm this, showing Obama with a shocking 12% bulge over Clinton at 38% to 26%, with Edwards picking up a fresh 5% and actually threatening Hillary with 20%. That's a 16% swing to Obama since the previous poll.

Most interesting detail deep in the ARG numbers: Hillary actually leads Obama 34% to 32% among confirmed Democrats, while he tops her 49% to 12% among independents, which may make up one-third of the tally. Debate tonight should be interesting....

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