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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Michigan's Exit Numbers

Hillary Clinton won yesterday's Michigan primary. Not a big surprise, as it was a win by default. The other two "top tier" candidates bowed to DNC wishes and removed themselves from the ballot in the Wolverine State. What WAS a surprise were the exit numbers. . .

According to CNN exit polling, 68 percent of blacks chose uncommitted, compared with 30 percent for the Democratic front-runner.

Forty-eight percent of all voters ages 18-29 voted uncommitted, compared with 43 percent for Clinton. The former first lady took more votes than uncommitted in all other age groups; the older the voters, the wider the margin was.

The racial disparity could be a bad sign for Clinton going into the South Carolina primary, where half of all Democratic voters are black.

Even setting the black vote aside, young voters are veering hard towards Barack Obama's message of change. These young voters were a major part of Obama's win in the state of Iowa, where black voters are quite scarce. As was the case in 2004, the kids are getting it right. This year however, unlike 2004, they seem to be turning out en masse and participating in the process. . .

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