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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Common Sense Budget Act

Do you think our government should provide health insurance to children who don't have it? Rebuild America's crumbling schools? Cut our reliance on foreign oil? Rep. Lynn Woolsey from California certainly does, and that's why she's introducing a bill that does just that - without raising taxes. Will you help her make it the law of the land?

I'm Rep. Lynn Woolsey from California, and I've just introduced the Common Sense Budget Act,1 which I wrote with the folks at TrueMajority.org. This bill would take $60 billion in wasted Pentagon spending and use it instead on education, health care and other human needs programs that we all care about. (And regardless of how you feel about the "War on Terror", you should know that it won't take any money from our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan, which are funded separately.)

Retired Generals, Admirals, even a former Asst. Secretary of Defense say it's a good idea, and most of the public agree. But to make it happen, Congress needs to hear from you. Tell your Representative that you support a Common Sense Budget and ask them to join me by cosponsoring this bill.

I've been working with TrueMajority.org and Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities on this issue for a couple of years. When we started, the idea of taking money from the Pentagon (even though it's money that's being wasted on obsolete 'Cold War era' weapons) to help pay for social programs was pretty novel. But in our first session, we got 38 members of Congress to cosponsor the bill, as well as state legislators endorsing the campaign across the country. And when you add their support to the list of retired admirals and generals, 700 business leaders, and the majority of the American public, we're a lot closer to getting a budget that takes care of our needs at home -- and cuts back on runaway Pentagon spending -- than we were two years ago.

Now we have a new Congress and a new tone in Washington, but we need to build even more support in order to see the changes we know are right. So please email your Representative today and encourage him or her to endorse the Common Sense Budget Act.


Rep. Lynn Woolsey

Lynn Woolsey
Member of Congress

Click HERE for more information on this act and it's impact on us all.

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