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Friday, March 23, 2007

Friday Nite Retro

Good evening and welcome to the latest installment of Friday Nite Retro. Tonight's feature is Canadian jazz artist, Gino Vanelli. This first song was one of my favorites from 1978, was Gino's breakout hit in the USA, and won him a Grammy award that same year: (This is a later live version - couldn't find the original)

I Just Wanna Stop

Next up, from 1980, is Gino's #5 hit from the album "Nightwalker" (You'll need to click this one twice to view it on YouTube - it wasn't embedable):

Living Inside Myself

This title track, from 1985's "Black Cars", only hit #42 on the US charts. Perhaps it was too much of a different sound for Gino's fanbase. . .I thoroughly enjoyed it though:

Black Cars

And finally, from his 1987 album "Big Dreamers Never Sleep", this #55 hit:

Wild Horses

Although having removed himself and his family years ago from the media spotlight, Gino is still actively recording albums and now lives and works in The Netherlands.

Visit his official website HERE.

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