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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Get Human

Someone on another blog was discussing this recently: How to get a real live human being on the telephone when you call a company or government agency. It’s a good refresher on how to actually cut through the voice recorded “Your call is important to us” BS.

Here are a few examples:

Ford Motor Credit – Press # at each prompt, ignoring messages.

Discover Card – Press ****.

Merrill Lynch – Say "Advisor".

IRS – Don't press or say anything.

U.S. Postal Service – Press 5 at each prompt, ignoring messages.

New York Times – Press 500.

There are 500 companies listed in
this database. Phone numbers are included too.

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Blogger Human said...

Damn, you had my heart skip a beat there, what with that title. Thought I was wanted in Indiana. I swear she said she was 18 and on the pill.

I saw this posted awhile ago. Lost the link. Thanks. The worst is automated calls coming in. That is why we don't have an answering machine.


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