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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"Good for Indiana"

I am officially announcing my candidacy for Indiana State Representative in House District 83. If you reside in Aboite Township in Allen County, or most anywhere in Whitley County, I hope to earn your vote this coming November. I look forward to hearing about the issues that are most important to you and discussing how we can work together to move Indiana forward! I appreciate your support and humbly ask that you help my campaign by clicking on my mug to visit my fundraising page.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

John Good for State Representative - House District 83

Rep. Kathy Heuer (R-Columbia City) was a co-sponsor of House Bill 1001, Employee’s Right to Work for Less. She is also the incumbent State Representative in House District 83, the very district in which I now reside due to House Republican's recent redistricting. For most of you, that information is likely enough to preface my next:
It is my great honor to announce that I am running as the Democratic, pro-union, anti-RTW, working for YOU - not the lobbyists and corporations candidate for Indiana House District 83. My district includes most of Aboite Township in Allen County and all but the northeast section of Whitley County, but I will immediately get hard to work on the issues that matter most to ALL hard-working Hoosiers. Indiana, much as other midwest states, has been under attack by governors who have sworn allegiance to ALEC and the Koch Brothers. Their aim is to lower wages for workers to increase profits to corporations at your expense. I promise to be an agent to reverse that effort and work for the people of our great state.
To quote America's favorite populist, Jim Hightower, "The people are revolting; and in the best possible way". Let the bought and paid for legislators in Indianapolis be forewarned: The people of Indiana have been paying attention. They have assembled in great numbers to request that their voices be heard, and you have ignored them. On their behalf, I and other citizens across the Hoosier state are stepping up and running for the very offices that you now hold. You have betrayed the trust of your constituents and we will bring the fight for their best interests right to your front yard. You have been put on notice.
To help my fight against corporate-backed anti-union legislators in the Indiana General Assembly, please use the following link to donate ANY amount you can spare to my campaign for State Representative. I truly appreciate your support and will fight hard for your best interests:

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