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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas Ultra-conservatives Re-write History

A group of lawyers, a dentist and a weekly newspaper publisher succeeded Friday in injecting conservative ideals into social studies, history and economics lessons that will be taught to millions of students for the next decade:

Teachers in Texas will be required to cover the Judeo-Christian influences of the nation's Founding Fathers, but not highlight the philosophical rationale for the separation of church and state. Curriculum standards also will describe the U.S. government as a "constitutional republic," rather than "democratic," and students will be required to study the decline in value of the U.S. dollar, including the abandonment of the gold standard.

HERE for the rest of the story.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jefferson is out and Reagan's in...well...more. Gotta love Texas.

Now that I'm back in the Lone Star State I'm torn by the need for another 'wild-eyed elitist liberal' here and the desire to get the heck outta Dodge.

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