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Saturday, October 31, 2009

RIP: Warren Oates

Actually, I'm a tad bit late for this obituary - approximately 27 and 1/2 years late! I subscribe to an email list for WATN (Where Are They Now) that looks in on celebs from the past, reports on their life, and what they're doing now. One of the features in that report is called "Dead or Alive", which tells you a celeb name as well as a famous role of theirs, and asks you to guess if they are still with us - the answers are always at the end of the e-mail. Mr.Oates showed up on that list tonight and, while I never knew his name, I certainly knew him for his last major role; it was/is from one of my favorite movies: "Stripes". . .

Yes. . .it's Sargent Hulka! All of these years, and I never had any idea that he was gone. . .he died on April 3, 1982 of a heart attack. Apparently the Type A personality he portrayed in Stripes was true to character. In addition to his famous (and one of his final) role in Stripes, Oates had a long and distinguished career in film. Check it out

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