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Sunday, May 17, 2009

And he shall be judged. . .

Courtesy of G.Q.:

"Former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld has always answered his detractors by claiming that history will one day judge him kindly. But as he waits for that day, a new group of critics—his administration peers—are suddenly speaking out for the first time. What they’re saying? It isn’t pretty."

This mixing of Crusades-like messaging with war imagery, which until now has not been revealed, had become routine. Click here to view the rest of this slideshow of Rumsfeld's briefing cover sheets.

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Blogger Hill said...

"Crusades" was no slip of the tongue for Dubya, now was it?

All the minions seriously need to be prosecuted as war criminals. All of them.

Doubt we'll see that happens, but hope lives on that we do.

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