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Monday, April 20, 2009

The Empire Strikes Back

Darth Cheney reared his ugly fascist head once again today, declaring "I don't think we have much to apologize for." This was in response to, and directed as an attack at, President Obama's overseas goodwill tour. Much like the talking point issued by Druggie Limbaugh, and propagated by such "journalists" as Kevin Leininger, the dark lord considers diplomacy and compromise to be a sign of weakness, appeasement if you will. He would do well to remember the lessons of the "post 9/11 world".

The day after that awful transgression against our great land, the world reached out to us, shared in our shock, disbelief and grief, declaring "We are all Americans today". Not only America's longtime allies, but those nations who's beliefs may have differed from us. The world sent it's men and women to fight alongside us against Al Quaeda in Afghanistan. Iran helped in that effort, offering a second front against our attackers from Afghanistan. Iran's help was rebuffed, the first of many nations to be insulted and tossed aside by the Bush/Cheney machine and their true goal of invading Iraq. When the world rightfully balked at that invasion of a sovereign nation, they were told "You are either with us. . .or with the terrorists". The world began to take a different view of America, thinking that our citizens were of the same mind as the criminals that were at our helm. We truly became "the Ugly Americans".

After all of the harm his hand caused to the world while it was wedged firmly up the ass of one George W. Bush, puppet president, Cheney has the audacity to attack the statesman who is embarking upon the right path to set things right between America and her peers? Crawl back under your rock, Herr Cheney. America, and the rest of the world, has had quite enough of your threats and empty rhetoric. This president chosen to move forward with the important work at hand, rather than wasting the world's time on prosecuting you and your pals. He has, but we the people cannot be counted on to follow his lead on this one. Step carefully. . .

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