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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wisconsin Voters Targeted for Fraud by McCain Campaign

I've heard of some reports of this in other states, but this is the first I've actually seen in print. From The Racine Post:

Democratic voters in at least two Wisconsin communities have received absentee voter forms from the McCain campaign that -- if used -- could cause their votes to be ignored.

Is it a simple error? Or campaign shenanigans and voter fraud? You be the judge.

Keith Heck, a former Racine Unified School Board member who lives in Mount Pleasant, reports receiving a mailing containing two tear-out requests for an absentee ballot. The preprinted request form -- an 11x17 piece of card stock folded over twice for mailing -- is addressed to the clerk in the the village of Caledonia.

Heck says, "I spoke with the Caledonia clerk and learned if we (in Mount Pleasant) used the form and sent it to the pre-printed address they would have to forward it to the right jurisdiction (if they had the time and the people) who would then have to send out the absentee ballot. As the deadline to submit a request is Oct. 30, and the clerks have a deadline of Oct. 31, this bogus form not only gums up and overworks the process to get absentee ballots sent out, it could cause some to not even be mailed."

Read the rest of this Racine Post story here.

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Blogger Kvatch said...

The caging has begun. Ya got county clerks in Colorado telling students they can't vote in the state. Ya got operatives in Florida and California, trolling forclosure data looking for people whose registration they can challenge. Dems better wake up and smell the fraud.

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