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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ft.Wayne Obama Block Party

Ace reporter Roger McNett brings us his report on the block party for Obama here in the Summit City. Roger has TONS of pictures AND video to share with us! Click the picture below to check it out:

Also, a reminder that there will be another Block Party next Saturday, May 3 starting at noon till 4:00. If you have NOT voted already, please plan to attend and vote. Then spend some time knocking on doors for change. As urgent as it was to register voters, it is now urgent to find supporters and get them to vote early. Let's make sure we know who needs a ride to the polls and who needs information about their polling location. Let's help Sen. Obama win Allen County! And then Indiana!! And then the White House!!! YEEEAAAHHHHH!!! Sorry. I was channeling Chairman Dean for a moment there! Can you blame me? I have HOPE!!

I'm the sort of voter who enjoys going to the polls on election day and voting in person. But, as the two Obama volunteers who visited my home today reminded me, THIS year has seen dramatic increases in registered voters and participation, so it MIGHT be a good idea to utilize the early voting process this time around. . .

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