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Friday, February 01, 2008

O'Reilly Shuns Homeless Vets. . .AGAIN.

Two weeks ago, I wrote about Bill O'Reilly's denial of the existence of homeless vets in this country. Ed Schultz, who appeared in the video with O'Reilly and tried to convey the seriousness of the problem to him, took O'Reilly up on his offer to "find me some of these vets sleeping under a bridge". With the help of the nationwide network of Marine Mothers, Schultz's efforts brought assistance to several homeless vets.

As most of us expected, the impenetrable bubble that the Fox News Channel erects to protect fancy millionaire blowhard Bill O'Reilly from the fundamental truths of the universe were turned away by Fox News brass, and barred from delivering their request for a formal apology. In a press release, the people at Brave New Films relate:

An impromptu news conference was held in front of the FOX News Channel Studios today because veterans were denied entrance as they attempted to deliver a petition to Bill O'Reilly asking him to apologize for his comments denying the existence and importance of homeless veterans. The ensuing drama resulted in FOX News executives, flanked by security and police officials, attempting to mollify the group of veterans and Executive Director Carol Gardener of Fitzgerald House - a group that assists veterans in need - by speaking briefly to the group. In addition, one of the producers of the O'Reilly Factor, Jesse Watters, challenged the vets by deflecting the comments away from O'Reilly's statements.
Fortunately for all, video cameras were rolling during the event:

Keith Olbermann covered the veteran's efforts to obtain an apology as well:

Mr.O'Reilly, you are a fat pompous ass with absolutely no regard for other human beings unless it somehow serves your purposes. One must assume that the plight of our homeless vets serves none of your purposes. Sleep well tonight.

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