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Thursday, September 06, 2007

STEWART! for 4Th District City Council

Chris Stewart is running for Fort Wayne City Council, District 4. His simple reason for seeking public office:

I care about the community and our future, and I want to make things better. I believe you and your fellow 4th District residents deserve responsive, committed leadership, and that’s why I want to be your city council representative.

If you share my views, and you want to make Fort Wayne a stronger, better community, I would appreciate your support in November.

My priorities, if elected, will include:

Listening to you and your fellow voters.

Ensuring that 4th District residents get the city services and support they pay for.

Seeking to help promote and attract business investment with smart growth strategies and a commitment to the expansion of our infrastructure.

Applying COMMON SENSE principles to government, making decisions based on what’s right for our present and our future.

Working to limit the reach of government in our lives.

Demanding accountability from local government.


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