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Monday, September 24, 2007

Michael J. Fox on stem cell research

Everybody knows Michael J. Fox. Whether it's as Right Wing teenager Alex Keaton on Family Ties or Deputy Mayor Michael Flaherty on Spin City nobody can embody a scheming, self-serving personae like Michael. Of course, that's just an actor performing a role. In real life Fox has picked up the banner dropped by real-life superhero Christopher Reeve for a rational approach to stem cell research. In a recent interview with CBS News Fox shows respect for the feelings of those concerned over abuses that could include disregard for the unborn while at the same time pointing out that there are many alternative sources for stem cells that are being blocked by the current all-out ban on research.

Hopefully, the insight he has garnered through his various roles into the conservative mindset will help him in his ongoing battle with the real life scheming, self-serving politicians he'll be facing in the days ahead.

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