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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Join the "Gas out" on May 15th

Just received via email - what the heck, it sure can't hurt anything!

Don't pump gas on May 15th

...in April 1997, there was a "gas out" conducted nationwide in protest of gas prices. Prices dropped 30 cents a gallon overnight.On May 15th 2007, we are asking all internet members to stay away from gas stations in protest of high gas prices.

There are 9,000,000+ American members currently on all the internet networks, and the average car takes about 20 to 30 dollars to fill up.If all internet user members did not go to the pump on the 15th, it would take $2,700,000,000.00 (that's BILLION) out of the oil companies pockets for just one day, so please do not go to the gas station on May 15th and let's try to put a dent in the Middle Eastern oil industry for at least one day.


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Blogger Jeff Pruitt said...

eh, won't help anything either.

Just as if you quit smoking for a day it doesn't really do anything...

title="comment permalink">May 02, 2007 9:26 PM  
Blogger John Good said...

I have a large backyard and lots of restaurants nearby. . .I'm starting to get crazy ideas about bio-diesel again. . .;)

title="comment permalink">May 02, 2007 9:31 PM  
Blogger Parson said...

I love those emails about not pumping gas one day, or boycotting one of the big oil companies. Like it's really going to help anything.

title="comment permalink">May 03, 2007 12:15 AM  
Blogger azgoddess said...

i drive a bio-baby -- which is how i think we all should boycott gas -- just stop using it -- forever...

title="comment permalink">May 03, 2007 1:26 PM  
Blogger Hill said...

This is actually an excellent idea. A one-day dry well for the oil barons. I'm in!

title="comment permalink">May 04, 2007 9:03 PM  
Blogger John Good said...

Parson - It may be pissing in the wind, but kinda satisfying nonetheless.

AZ - I may seriously convert to bio-diesel in the near future. They're making trucks that run on it now. FedEx and UPS are even beginning to incorporate them into their fleets.

Hill - It feels good anyway!

title="comment permalink">May 04, 2007 9:47 PM  
Blogger Robert Enders said...

The thing to do is reduce fuel consumption year round. Keep your tires inflated, drive the smallest vehicle that suits your needs, combine your trips if you can, join a carpool, make use of public transportation, let your employees telecommute. Don't let your engine idle for more than 30 seconds. Clean out your car! You've all heard the lectures before.

title="comment permalink">May 05, 2007 7:50 PM  

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